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Ear Micro-suctioning & Earwax Removal

Travel Health is a private clinic offering ear micro-suction, earwax removal and hearing health services with same-day appointments. You can read more about ear micro-suctioning below or book an appointment for more ear health advice.

What is Ear Micro-suctioning?


Ear micro-suctioning is a safe and effective method used to remove excess earwax or debris from the ear canal. This procedure is performed using a specialized device called an otoscope, which allows the clinician to see deep inside the ear canal while performing the suctioning.

The ear canal is a delicate and sensitive area, and traditional earwax removal methods such as cotton swabs can cause damage or irritation. Micro-suctioning is a gentle alternative that reduces the risk of injury or discomfort. It is particularly useful for individuals with narrow or blocked ear canals, hearing aids or those with ear tubes.

During the procedure, the clinician uses a handheld device with a thin suctioning tip that is inserted into the ear canal. The device then gently suctions out the excess wax or debris, which is collected in a small container attached to the device. One of the advantages of ear micro-suctioning is that it is a quick and efficient procedure. Most patients experience minimal discomfort and can resume their normal activities immediately afterward. Additionally, because the procedure is performed under direct visualization, it reduces the risk of complications such as perforation of the eardrum.

In summary, ear micro-suctioning is a safe and effective method for removing earwax and debris from the ear canal. If you are experiencing symptoms of a blocked ear or excessive earwax, it is important to seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional.

Ear Micro-suctioning Prices

Ear Health check

Ear Health check – £25 – Checking your ears for wax, this also includes a hearing test and Earol (Olive oil spray) if wax is found.

Ear Micro-suction

Ear Micro-suction – £50 for 1 ear

Ear Micro-suction
Ear Micro-suction – £70 for both ears

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Travel Health’s earwax removal service?

We are an independent travel clinic managed and delivered by registered and experienced healthcare professionals. We aim to deliver excellent and exceptional service in a clean, safe clinical environment. Our earwax removal, micro-suctioning and hearing services come with no hidden costs and we treat all of our clients safely, using the most up-to-date clinical advice.

Does earwax removal hurt?

For most patients, earwax removal is a quick and pain-free process. The appointment requires no anaesthetic and most patients can return to work or daily activities immediately following the appointment.

Do you offer same-day appointments for ear micro-suctioning and earwax removal?

Yes. we offer same-day appointments for hearing tests, ear micro-suctioning and earwax removal. Please call our clinic to enquire and book your appointment.

How do I know if I need my ears micro-suctioned?

The ears are self-cleaning and usually, you do not need to remove earwax. However, if you have noticed a blockage or if you are experiencing hearing problems, you may need your ears micro-suctioned to remove excess earwax.

How do I know if I need an ear health appointment?

There can be a number of issues that may need to be assessed during an ear health appointment. Muffled hearing, tinnitus and noticeable wax build-up can be the most common signs that you may need an ear health appointment.

Can you advise on ear health and hearing?

Yes. We offer ear health and hearing consultations to advise on any wider issues that you may be experiencing. We also offer ear irrigation and hearing tests.

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