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Rapid antigen day 2 testing £40
Rapid antigen testing fit to fly – £50

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please see the Government website – to check the country you are travelling to.
For large group bookings we may be able to offer this at your place of work, please contact the team to discuss.

Covid Antibody Testing

We are also able to offer Covid antibody testing.
Please be aware that antibody testing:

  • Can tell you if it is likely that you have had coronavirus before.
  • Does not work for everyone, as some people who have had the virus do not have antibodies.
  • It also cannot tell you if you are immune to coronavirus, or if you can or cannot spread the virus to other people.

Our antibody tests are taken by blood test.

The test detects Covid-19 specific antibodies, although at present it is not known how long after infection these antibodies remain. The test can indicate a recent or current infection.

Please DO NOT attend the clinic if you have Covid-19 symptoms. Contact NHS 111 or the online coronavirus service.
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